‘Beauty is on the inside', my grandma says. Yes, I can see it in HER, but in MYSELF?

Mindfulness has to do with SEEING.

The Burmese meditation teacher Sayadaw U Pandita (1921 - 2016) defines mindfulness as the OBSERVATION POWER of the mind, which simply and clearly experiences an object, without reacting to it.

Eckart Tolle speaks of the power of now.

We are not accustomed to this POWER. We are accustomed to be sunk down into thoughts, and to consider these thoughts as the truth.

Breaking out of this habitual stream, again and again, requests practice and effort - a brave, determined effort. When moments of mindfulness are going to follow each other, and concentration develops, intuitive wisdom will arise, a spontaneous knowing. In its initial stage this brings a decrease of pain and stress, with continued practice we are able to develop a higher level of happiness and a deep equanimity.