Buddhism and State Power in Myanmar

The report Buddhism and State Power in Myanmar (September 2017) by the International Crisis Group, I find an admirable capable and clear report, considering it will have been composed and written by non-Burmese and non-Buddhists. As far as I can see it offers a wonderful survey of the 'soul of the people', one hundred and twenty years after Harold Fielding's book (see above). Those who are more familiar with Buddha-Dhamma than the authors of the report, will undoubtedly be able to assess it rightly.

There is so much fallacy about Myanmar. Already in 2013 in Time weekly, not hampered with any knowledge, the monk U Wirathu was named the Bin Laden of Myanmar. How the seeds of hate are sown! However, while a monk is not a politician and vice versa, he is at the utmost the Geert Wilders or Marine le Pen of the country - even their most convinced adversaries will not compare them with Bin Laden. So let us at the utmost call him a sower of fear. And please see the man in his context: he was in prison from 2003 to 2012 because of incitement and got a six month gag order in 2017.

For those who notwithstanding keep having difficulties with the difference between facts and their own opinions, I have some other news: the attack by the ARSA terrorists August 25 2017 is seen in Myanmar as their 9/11. This report might be helpful to get accustomed to it.